Romano Meier

Romano Meier (born April 14, 1995 in Baden, Switzerland) is a Swiss curler.

Romano Meier
Born (1995-04-14) April 14, 1995
Curling clubBaden Regio CC, Baden
SkipYannick Schwaller
ThirdMichael Brunner
SecondRomano Meier
LeadMarcel Käufeler
Member Association  Switzerland
World Championship
1 (2017)
European Championship
1 (2019)
Other appearancesWorld Mixed Championship: 2 (2015, 2016),
World Junior Championships: 3 (2014, 2015, 2016),
European Mixed Championships: 2 (2012, 2014),
Winter Universiade: 1 (2019),
Winter Youth Olympics: 2012 (mixed, mixed doubles)

He is 2017 World Men's bronze medallist and 2014 European Mixed bronze medallist.[2]


2011–12Michael BrunnerRomano MeierRemo HerzogMarcel KäufelerBrigitte BrunnerSJCC 2012
2012–13Michael BrunnerRomano MeierRemo HerzogMarcel KäufelerBrigitte Brunner,
Beat Brunner
SJCC 2013 (5th)
2012–13Sven MichelClaudio PätzSandro TrollietSimon GempelerRomano Meier
Robert Hürlimann
Christoph Zysset
SMCC 2013
2013–14Romano Meier (4th)Michael Brunner (skip)Kyrill OehningerMarcel KäufelerRemo Herzog
Brigitte Brunner
SJCC 2014
2013–14Reto Keller (4th)Yannick Schwaller (skip)Patrick WitschonkeMichael ProbstRomano Meier
Erich Nyffenegger
WJCC 2014
2014–15Romano Meier (4th)Yannick Schwaller (skip)Patrick WitschonkeMichael ProbstReto Keller (WJCC)
Erich Nyffenegger
SJCC 2015
WJCC 2015
2015–16Yannick SchwallerRomano MeierPatrick WitschonkeMichael ProbstSimon Gloor (WJCC)
Bernhard Werthemann
WJCC 2016 (4th)
SMCC 2016 (5th)
2016–17Reto Keller (4th)Yannick Schwaller (skip)Romano MeierMarcel KäufelerReto Gribi
Pius Matter,
Bernhard Werthemann
SMCC 2017 (4th)
2016–17Benoît Schwarz (4th)Claudio PätzPeter de Cruz (skip)Valentin TannerRomano Meier
Claudio Pescia
WCC 2017
2017–18Reto Keller (4th)Yannick Schwaller (skip)Romano MeierMarcel KäufelerReto Gribi
Pius Matter,
Bernhard Werthemann
SMCC 2018
2018–19Yannick SchwallerMichael BrunnerRomano MeierMarcel KäufelerSimon Gloor (WUG)
Bernhard Werthemann
(CWC/2, CWC/final, SMCC),
Thomas Lips (CWC/2),
Pius Matter (CWC/3, WUG, SMCC)
CWC/2 (6th)
CWC/3 (4th)
WUG 2019 (4th)
SMCC 2019
CWC/final (5th)
Mixed curling
2011–12Michael BrunnerElena SternRomano MeierLisa GislerWYOG 2012
2011–12Martin RiosManuela SiegristRomano MeierManuela Netzer-KormannJenny PerretSMxCC 2012
2012–13Martin RiosManuela SiegristRomano MeierManuela Netzer-KormannRolf Hösli,
Jenny Perret
EMxCC 2012 (8th)
2014–15Martin Rios (4th)Silvana Tirinzoni (skip)Romano MeierJenny PerretEMxCC 2014
2014–15Martin Rios (4th)Jenny PerretRomano MeierManuela Netzer (skip)SMxCC 2015
2015–16Romano Meier (4th)Briar HürlimannYannick Schwaller (skip)Celine KollerTheo SchneiderWMxCC 2015 (5th)
2016–17Martin RiosElena SternRomano MeierMichèle JäggiWMxCC 2016 (5th)
2016–17Benoît Schwarz (4th)Elena Stern (skip)Romano MeierLisa GislerPaddy KäserSMxCC 2017 (7th)
2018–19Martin RiosJenny PerretRomano MeierManuela SiegristSMxCC 2019
Mixed doubles curling
2011–12 Eleanor Adviento Romano MeierPeter Becker[3]WYOG 2012 (17th)
2013–14Elena SternRomano MeierSMDCC 2014


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