Rollington Town

Rollington Town is a neighborhood in the area of Kingston, Jamaica. Part of it is in Kingston Parish. A campus of Kingston College is in Rollington Town.

Boris Gardiner was born in Rollington Town. Ken Rickards, Sadiki, and Connie Mark are also from Rollington Town. Cricketer Chris Gayle is also from Rollington Town.[1] Trevor D. Rhone's play Two Can Play is set in Rollington Town.[2] Oku Onuora formed a community school in the area and organized in the area. He distributed Abeng and was arrested in Rollington Town. Scholar and activist Walter Rodney was also active in the area.[3]

In 2017 Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) suspended service on a line through Rollington Town because of road blocks and violence. The company's buses had been attacked by stone throwers.[4] Service was restored the next day.[5]


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