Roger Young (director)

Roger E. Young (born 13 May 1942 in Champaign, Illinois) is an American TV and film director.


Young graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Illinois. He worked as a producer-director at Channel 6, the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, IN. He then moved to Chicago and became a producer for Foote-Cone & Belding Advertising, where he produced national commercials. Later he moved to directing commercials for the production company of Lippert-Saviano, and then for Topel & Associates, before opening his own production company, Young & Company, producing and directing commercials. In 1977 he moved to Los Angeles and was hired as Associate Producer on a television film entitled Something for Joey. This led to being offered Associate Producer of Lou Grant. Gene Reynolds, Executive Producer of the show, became Young's mentor, and in the second season Young was given the opportunity to direct an episode. He won an Emmy and two Director's Guild Awards for directing episodes of the series. He then directed the two-hour pilot of Magnum, P.I.. Young directed several other pilots, all but one of which was turned into a series. Young then began to concentrate on films and mini-series. Young has written five teleplays that have been produced. His episodic work include Rome, The Closer and Law & Order: LA.


1977Something for JoeyTV filmYes
1981Bitter HarvestTV filmYes
1982An Innocent LoveTV filmYes
1982Dreams Don't DieTV filmYes
1982Two of a KindTV filmYes
1985GulagTV filmYes
1985Into Thin AirTV filmYes
1986Under SiegeTV filmYes
1987Love Among ThievesTV filmYes
1987The SqueezeFilmYes
1988The Bourne IdentityFilmYes
1990Murder in MississippiTV filmYes
1990Love and LiesTV filmYes
1991Held Hostage: The Sis and Jerry Levin StoryTV filmYes
1991DoublecrossedTV filmYesYes
1991Nightmare in Columbia CountyTV filmYes
1992JewelsTV filmYesYes
1993For Love and GloryTV filmYesYes
1993GeronimoTV filmYes
1993Mercy Mission: the Rescue of Flight 771TV filmYes
1994Getting GottiTV filmYes
1994Mortal FearTV filmYes
1995VirusTV filmYes
1995Joseph TV filmYes
1995MosesTV filmYes
1996The Siege at Ruby RidgeTV filmYes
1997Sisters and Other StrangersTV filmYes
1997Heart Full of RainTV filmYes
1997Final DescentTV filmYes
1997SolomonTV filmYes
1998A Knight in CamelotTV filmYes
1999Kiss the SkyFilmYes
1999JesusTV filmYes
1999One Special Night TV filmYes
2000The Bible: Paul of TarsosTV filmYes
2000The Thin Blue LieFilmYesYes
2003Imperium: Augustus TV filmYes
2004The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story TV filmYes
2005Hercules MiniseriesYes
2012Barabbas MiniseriesYes
2014The Red Tent MiniseriesYes

Awards and nominations

  • Directors Guild of America Award: "Lou Grant"
  • Directors Guild of America Award: "Lou Grant"
  • Emmy Award: Directorial Achievement, "Lou Grant"
  • Emmy nomination: Directorial Achievement, "Bitter Harvest"
  • Humanitas Award: "Bitter Harvest"
  • Humanitas Award: "Two of a Kind"
  • ACE Award nomination: Directorial Achievement, "Gulag"
  • ACE Award nomination: Best Picture, "Gulag"
  • Emmy nomination: Best Mini-Series, "Bourne Identity"
  • Golden Globe nomination: Best Mini-Series, "Bourne Identity"
  • Emmy nomination: Best Film, "Murder in Mississippi"
  • Directors Guild of America Award: Directorial Achievement, "Murder in Mississippi"
  • ACE Award: Best Motion Picture, "DoubleCrossed"
  • Golden Globe nomination: Best Picture, "Jewels"
  • Emmy Award: Best Mini-Series, "Joseph"
  • Emmy nomination: Best Mini-Series, "Moses"
  • Emmy nomination: Best Mini-Series, "Jesus"

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