Roger MacDougall

Roger MacDougall (2 August 1910, in Glasgow 27 May 1993) was a Scottish playwright, screenwriter and director.[1]


MacDougall began writing the occasional screenplay in the late 30s, working both alone and in collaboration with others. Most of his plays were produced during the 50s. As a screenwriter, his best-known films are The Man in the White Suit (for which he received a 1952 Academy Award nomination[1]) and The Mouse That Roared. He was a cousin of Alexander Mackendrick.

The Roger MacDougall diet

In the 1953 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which eventually resulted in significant disability.[2] Through disillusionment with orthodox medical treatments at the time, he developed a diet, loosely based on a paleolithic diet, that apparently returned him to good health and sustained remission. Following this experience, he published a pamphlet describing his diet intended to help other patients to achieve similar results. This diet produced positive results in other patients, though success was not universal.

Selected filmography


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