Roger Hicks (rock musician)

Roger Hicks is an Australian rock musician active for a few years in the late 1960s. Early in life, he also trained as a classical guitarist.

He performed in the groups Zoot throughout 1968 and early 1969 and "The Brisbane Avengers", and also composed and performed the acoustic guitar introduction to Russell Morris's hit song from 1969, "The Real Thing" which became the most recognisable "hook" to the song. Following this he also played and composed all the acoustic guitar parts in the coda to "The Real Thing" : "Part Three into Paper Walls" which ends with a reprise of the opening statement from "The Real Thing" heavily phased, thus tying together two songs which are in reality one song with a duration of 13:20 minutes.

He defected from Zoot in the fallout after the "Think Pink - Think Zoot" publicity campaign, which backfired in some ways, and moved for a time to the Brisbane Avengers.

He seems to have vanished from the rock music scene after that, and it is not clear where he is now, or what he is currently doing.


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