Rodney District

Rodney District was a local government area in the northernmost part of New Zealand's Auckland Region from 1989 to 2010. It included Kawau Island. It was created from the amalgamation of Helensville Borough and Rodney County in 1989. The seat of Rodney District Council was at Orewa. Rodney District and Rodney County each took their names from Cape Rodney (opposite Little Barrier Island), which Captain James Cook named on 24 November 1769 after Admiral Sir George Brydges Rodney.[1]

Rodney District
Rodney District
Coordinates: 36.539°S 174.528°E / -36.539; 174.528
CountryNew Zealand
IslandNorth Island
RegionAuckland Region
  Land2,427.01 km2 (937.07 sq mi)
ExtentMuriwai to Hibiscus Coast;
south to Helensville

Auckland Council has governed the area since 1 November 2010. The Rodney ward of the Auckland Region now covers much of the land area, but not the Hibiscus Coast or the former council seat of Orewa, which are in the Albany ward.

The district was, in the final electoral term (2007–2010) of its existence, led by mayor Penny Webster and 12 councillors.


During its 21-year existence, Rodney District had four mayors:[2]

Name Term
1 Gordon Mason 1989–1992
2 Doug Armstrong 1992–2000
3 John Law 2001–2007
4 Penny Webster 2007–2010

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