Rocky (1948 film)

Rocky is a 1948 American film directed by Phil Karlson and starring Roddy McDowall.[1]

Directed byPhil Karlson
Produced byLindsley Parsons
Written byJack De Witt
Release date
Running time
76 mins
CountryUnited States


Its plot mainly follows a painter named John Hammond and a dog named Rocky, the latter of which is suspected for an epidemic of sheep killings.


The film was first in a series of movies McDowall agreed to make with Monogram. Filming started 10 June 1947 near Cedar City, Utah.[2] McDowall was also associate producer. He was meant to follow it with an adaptation of Mysterious Island by Jules Verne but that was never made.[3][4]

Nina Hunter was borrowed from Comet Productions to appear in the film.[5]


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