Rockefeller University Press

The Rockefeller University Press (RUP) is a department of The Rockefeller University.

Rockefeller University Press
Parent companyRockefeller University
FounderSimon Flexner
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationNew York City
Publication typesAcademic journals
Nonfiction topicsScience


Rockefeller University Press publishes three scientific journals: Journal of Experimental Medicine, founded in 1896, Journal of General Physiology, founded in 1918, and Journal of Cell Biology, founded in 1955 under the title The Journal of Biophysical and Biochemical Cytology. All editorial decisions on manuscripts submitted to the three journals are made by active scientists in conjunction with in-house scientific editors, and all peer-review operations and pre-press production functions are carried out at the Rockefeller University Press offices. In 2018, Rockefeller University Press partnered with EMBO Press and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press to publish the "Life Science Alliance" journal.


Rockefeller University Press places a strong emphasis on preserving the integrity of primary research data, and it is a pioneer in the application of new technologies to achieve that goal.[1][2][3]

Open access policy

Rockefeller University Press provides public access to the articles it publishes.[4][5] All content of Journal of Experimental Medicine, Journal of Cell Biology, and Journal of General Physiology (back to volume 1, issue 1) is hosted by HighWire Press and PubMed Central, where it is available to the public for free 6 months after publication under a Creative Commons license.


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