Rock & Ice

Rock & Ice is a magazine published by Big Stone Publishing focusing on rock and ice climbing. The first issue came out in March, 1984.[1] The first publisher was Neal Kaptain. George Bracksieck worked for him, beginning in January, 1984, and became his 50-50 partner in September. The magazine was bought out within the first year by George Bracksieck, who remained publisher and editor until midnight at the end of December 31, 1997.[2] His company, Eldorado Publishing, sold Rock & Ice to North-South Publications, an investment group led by Dougald MacDonald. After a few years, it was sold to Big Stone. The magazine is published eight times a year.[3] It was headquartered in Boulder, Colorado until 2002, when it moved to Carbondale, Colorado.[1][4]

The cover of the first issue featured Alex Lowe climbing the first ascent of The Fang in Vail, Colorado.[2]

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