Robinson Crusoe (1974 television film)

Robinson Crusoe is a 1974 television film version of the story by Daniel Dafoe starring Stanley Baker in the title role and Ram John Holder as Friday. In the UK, it was first broadcast in the BBC's Play of the Month on 27 November 1974.[1] In the USA it was broadcast on NBC.

Robinson Crusoe
Based onnovel by Daniel Dafoe
Written byJames MacTaggart
Directed byJames MacTaggart
StarringStanley Baker
Ram John Holder
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
CinematographyBrian Tufano
Running time120 mins
Production company(s)BBC-Universal
First shown in27 November 1974 (UK)

Shooting took place on location at Tobago in the West Indies. Director James MacTaggart died of a heart attack shortly after filming and Stanley Baker died of cancer in 1976.[2] The budget was £300,000.[3]

The Sunday Times called it a "superb production".[3]

When the show aired in the US it was the 13th highest rated show of the week.[4]


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