Robin Estridge

Robin Estridge, a.k.a. Robin York and Philip Loraine (1 May 1920 – 24 October 2002) was a British author of suspense fiction and screenwriter.


He was born Robin Phillip Lorraine Estridge on 1 May 1920, in London, England.

His real name was Robin Estridge, but he mostly published novels under the name of Robin York and Philip Loraine. Today, he has been somewhat forgotten by many readers as well as collectors of crime fiction. Sea Change (1982) is one of his best known novels.

An introductory note to And to My Beloved Husband written under the pseudonym Philip Loraine Ace Books, N.Y., (year of publication is missing, originally published by M.S. Mill Co, 1950) the following information is given about the author:

"Philip Loraine has published a number of top-notch suspense novels in the United States, and under his real name has written other books, as well as film and television scripts."

Loraine has also been a sailor in the Royal Navy, a theatrical designer, a dishwasher in Paris, a journalist and a tubercular patient. Years ago he resided in Corsica, but he has also spent five years in the United States, as well as living in Italy, Yugoslavia, Spain and, as seldom as possible, his native England. He liked writing, peace and quiet, sunshine and new places. He disliked bad food, bad manners, people who think of themselves as intellectual, bigotry, politics and politicians.

Estridge died on 24 October 2002 in Astoria, Oregon.

Selected novels

  • White Lie the Dead (Hodder, 1950)
  • Exit with Intent (Stoughton, 1950)
  • And to my Beloved Husband (M&S, 1950)
  • The Break in The Circle (H&S, 1951) (filmed as Break in the Circle in 1955)
  • The Dublin Nightmare (H&S, 1951) (filmed as Dublin Nightmare in 1958)
  • The Angel of Death (H&S, 1961)
  • Day of the Arrow (Collins, 1964)
  • W.I.L One to Curtis (Collins, 1967)
  • The Dead Men of Sestos (Collins, 1968)
  • A Mafia Kiss (Collins 1969)
  • Photographs Have Been Sent to Your Wife (Collins, 1971)
  • Voices in an Empty Room (Collins, 1973)
  • Ask the Rattlesnake (Collins, 1975)
  • Lions Ransom (Collins, 1980)
  • Sea Change (Collins, 1982)
  • Death Wishes (Collins, 1983)
  • Gold and the Dance of Death (unpublished, 1990s)
  • Dead Men are Dangerous (unpublished, 1990s)

Screenwriting credits


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