Robert Thibault

Robert G. Thibault, PC (born September 29, 1959) is a Canadian politician.

Robert G. Thibault

Member of the Canadian Parliament
for West Nova
In office
November 27, 2000  October 14, 2008
Preceded byMark Muise
Succeeded byGreg Kerr
Personal details
Born (1959-09-29) September 29, 1959
Digby, Nova Scotia
Political partyLiberal
Spouse(s)Janice Boudreau
ResidenceConcession, Nova Scotia
ProfessionMunicipal administrator

Early life

Thibault was born in Digby, Nova Scotia in 1959. He is the grandson of former provincial politician, Joseph William Comeau.[1]

Political career

Thibault served as a municipal councillor in Clare, Nova Scotia from 1988 to 2001 and was reelected in 2012.[2] He is a member of the Liberal Party of Canada and a former member in the House of Commons of Canada, serving three terms as the representative of West Nova from 2000 to 2008. He won his first federal election in 2000.[3][4] He was named Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) in 2001.[5] He was Minister of Fisheries and Oceans from 2002 to 2003. He won re-election in 2004.[6] Thibault was the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health from 2004 to 2006 under Paul Martin. In the 2006 election, he defeated Conservative opponent and former Nova Scotia cabinet minister Greg Kerr by 511 votes. On April 27, 2007, Thibault was named Liberal Critic for Competitiveness and the New Economy by Liberal leader Stéphane Dion.[7] He was subsequently appointed Liberal critic for Health. Thibault was defeated in Canada's 40th general election on October 14, 2008, by Conservative opponent Greg Kerr.[8]

On October 3, 2009, Thibault was once again nominated to contest the West Nova seat for the Liberals in the 2011 federal election.[9] On May 2, 2011, Thibault was defeated in his comeback attempt, losing to Kerr by more than 4,000 votes.[10]


In August 2008, Thibault caused controversy with some accusing him of ageism when he suggested that his Conservative opponent Greg Kerr was too old for the job.[11] Only five days later, Thibault was accused of sexism when he called Marjory LeBreton, then government leader in the Senate, an "idiot" and suggested she should "go back to making tea" for former prime minister Brian Mulroney.[12] Three months later, Thibault subsequently lost his seat in the 2008 election.

Electoral record

2011 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%Expenditures
ConservativeGreg Kerr20,20447.04+7.10
LiberalRobert Thibault15,63236.39+0.24
New DemocraticGeorge Barron5,63113.11-3.78
GreenRoss Johnson1,4873.46-1.55
Total valid votes/Expense limit 42,954100.00
Total rejected ballots 3560.82 +0.10
Turnout 43,31063.95 +1.2
Eligible voters 67,287
2008 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%Expenditures
ConservativeGreg Kerr16,77939.94+1.83$70,657
LiberalRobert Thibault15,18536.15-3.09$65,606
New DemocraticGeorge Barron7,09716.89-1.94$12,741
GreenRonald Mills2,1065.01+2.71$230
IndependentCindy M. Nesbitt8442.01$10,570
Total valid votes 42,011100.00
Total rejected ballots 3040.72
Turnout 42,31562.8
Conservative gain from Liberal Swing -2.46
2006 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%Expenditures
LiberalRobert Thibault17,73439.24-3.42$72,735
ConservativeGreg Kerr17,22238.11+5.06$54,065
New DemocraticArthur Bull8,51118.83-2.30$25,355
GreenMatthew Granger1,0402.30-0.92$193
IndependentKen Griffiths6811.51$2,576
Total valid votes 45,189 100.00
     Liberal hold Swing -4.24
2004 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%Expenditures
LiberalRobert Thibault18,34342.66+6.57$49,127
ConservativeJon Charles Carey14,20933.05-1.06$119,570
New DemocraticArthur Bull9,08621.13+9.90$18,596
GreenMatthew Granger1,3853.22$0.00
Total valid votes 42,996100.00

Conservative Party change is based on the combination of Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative Party totals.

2000 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%Expenditures
LiberalRobert Thibault12,78336.09+10.39$57,653
Progressive ConservativeMark Muise12,08034.11-0.2034,692
AllianceMike Donaldson6,58118.58-0.23$32,417
New DemocraticPhil Roberts3,97611.23-9.23$14,118
Total valid votes 35,420 100.00

Results for the Canadian Alliance from 1997 are based on the results of its predecessor, the Reform Party.


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