Robert Swann (actor)

Robert Swann (1945–2006) was a British actor with a film career spanning thirty five years. He is best known to American audiences through his portrayal of a Church of England vicar in the television series The Witches and the Grinnygog. An early film role was the sadistic house prefect of Malcolm McDowell in the 1968 film if..... His last credited acting role was in the series Wire in the Blood in 2004. He died two years later in 2006.


Year Title Role Notes
1968if....Rowntree: Whips
1970Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and GirlySoldier
1970The Breaking of BumboMachaffie
1973The Creeping FleshYoung Aristocrat
1975The SweeneyDavid KeelTV Series, 1 episode
1979North Sea HijackMiller
1980Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (BBC)Horatio
1994A Business AffairMaitre d'
1994The Madness of King George1st MP
2001Queen's MessengerMajor Farrow

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