Robert Rolle (died 1660)

Robert Rolle (c. 1622 – 1660) was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1654 and 1660.


Rolle was the son of Sir Samuel Rolle of Heanton Satchville, Petrockstowe, Devon, and his wife Margaret Wise daughter of Sir Thomas Wise.[1]


He was admitted for his legal training at the Inner Temple in 1640. He was appointed High Sheriff of Devon for 1649–50. In 1654 he was elected Member of Parliament for Devon in the First Protectorate Parliament and was re-elected MP for Devon in 1656 for the Second Protectorate Parliament and in 1659 for the Third Protectorate Parliament.[2] In January 1660 he was appointed a member of the Rump Parliament's final Council of State but does not appear to have attended any meetings, likely due to the Council enforcing an oath abjuring the Stuart family and any Single Person or House of Lords.[3] He was elected MP for the family's pocket borough of Callington in the Convention Parliament in 1660, but died in the same year.[4]

Marriage & progeny

Rolle married Lady Arabella Clinton, the younger daughter of Theophilus Clinton, 4th Earl of Lincoln and 12th Baron Clinton (d.1667) and had a son and a daughter:


Parliament of England
Preceded by
George Monck

John Carew
Thomas Saunders
Christopher Martyn
James Erisey,
Francis Rous
Richard Sweet

Member of Parliament for Devon
With: Sir John Northcote, Bt 1654–1659
Arthur Upton 1654–1656
Thomas Reynell 1654–1656
William Morice 1654–1656
John Hale 1654– 1656
Thomas Saunders 1654–1656
Henry Hatsell 1654–1656
William Bastard 1654
William Fry 1654
John Quick 1654
Sir John Yonge 1656
Edmund Fowell 1656
John Doddridge 1656
Succeeded by
Not represented in Restored Rump
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