Robert Lombard

Robert William Lombard (18 October 1895 – July 1972) was the first coloured Helper Apostle of the Old Apostolic Church of Africa and founder of the Non-White Old Apostolic Church, that was later renamed to the Reformed Old Apostolic Church.[1]


Lombard was born as a member of the Lutheran Church but converted to the Old Apostolic Church. In 1925 he was ordained as Priest by Apostle Klibbe in 1920.[2]

As Helper-Apostle in the Old Apostolic Church of Africa

Lombard was ordained as Helper Apostle for the coloured and black congregations of the former Cape Province by the late Apostle William Campbell on 11 May 1958 in the Maitland Town Hall.[2] Due to his health his responsibilities was taken over by Apstle G.F. Campbell in 1971.[1] He with two Overseers (Neethling and Gamba) was removed from office and excommunicated in 1972 due to a leadership dispute with the Apostolate of the Old Apostolic Church concerning the church's policy on participation in political debate concerning Apartheid, and the interpretation of revelations that Lomard received.[3]

The Reformed Old Apostolic Church

During his sickbed he received a revelation from Jesus Christ that he will be healed if he led his people to liberation. Lombard believed it was a sign that the Old Apostolic Church should take an active part in the fight against Apartheid under his leadership. This revelation or Lombard's interpretation was not accepted by the Apostolate of the Old Apostolic Church. In a confrontation between him and other Apostles, he was removed from office. An order of the court was issued, banning him from entering any of the church's properties.[4]

Together with two Overseers (Adolph Neethling and Henry Gamba) Lombard founded the Non-White Old Apostolic Church in January 1972. In that same month, he appointed Adolf Neethling as his successor.[5]

Robert Lombard died in July 1972.[1][5]


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