Robert Letellier

Robert Ignatius Letellier (born 1953, in Durban, South Africa) is a cultural historian and a writer on the history of music, Romantic literature and the Bible.[1]

He received a doctorate in English Romanticism from the University of Salzburg and has published more than one hundred articles and books on subjects including the Bible, eighteenth and nineteenth century novels, especially the works of Sir Walter Scott, and 19th-century music.[2]

Letellier is particularly noted for scholarship on the life and works of the composer Giacomo Meyerbeer. Letellier's four-volume translation of the composer's diaries has been cited as "the most important work on the composer to be published in English to date".[3] He has also published several studies of the composer's operas and other works which have played an important part in the revaluation of Meyerbeer, the most popular composer of the 19th century, whose works fell into almost complete neglect in the 20th but are now being rediscovered.[4]

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