Robert III of Worms

Robert III (800–834), also called Rutpert, was the Count of Worms and Rheingau of a noble Frankish family called the Robertians. He was the son of Robert of Hesbaye.

Robert III of Worms
Noble familyRobertians
Spouse(s)Waldrada of Worms
FatherRobert of Hesbaye

By his wife Waldrada d'Orleans he had his only verified son, Robert the Strong. They are also believed to be the parents of Odo I, Count of Troyes, and Guntram, Count of Wormsgau. His first cousin was Ermengard, wife of the Frankish emperor Louis the Pious. His cousin Chrodogang was Archbishop of Metz and abbot of the Lorsch Abbey. An uncle of Robert was Count Cancor, founder of Lorsch Abbey. Through Robert the Strong he was grandfather of two kings of Western Francia, Odo and Robert. He was the great-great-grandfather of Hugh Capet, the founder of the Capetian dynasty which ruled France until the French Revolution in 1792 and then again from 1814 until 1848 with the exception of the Hundred Days in 1815.


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