Robert Haynes

Robert Hall Haynes, OC, FRSC (August 27, 1931 December 22, 1998) was a Canadian geneticist and biophysicist. He was the Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Biology at York University. Haynes was best known for his contributions to the study of DNA repair and mutagenesis, and for helping promote the concept of terraforming through his invention of the term, ecopoiesis.

Incomplete timeline

  • 1953, Haynes receives a degree in Mathematics and Physics, at the University of Western Ontario.
  • 1957, Ph.D. in Biophysics, UWO
  • 1984, Haynes creates the word ecopoiesis, a term that came to be widely used by writers and some proponents of terraforming and space exploration.
  • 1987, The Genetics Society of Canada creates the Robert H. Haynes Young Scientist Award.
  • 1988, Haynes serves as President of the 16th International Congress of Genetics.
  • 1990, He is made an Officer of the Order of Canada.
  • 1995 Haynes becomes the 104th President of the Royal Society of Canada

Selected publications

Presidential Address

  • Haynes, R.H. (1989), Genetics and the unity of Biology, 31, pp. 1–7

Planetary engineering


  • B.A. Kuntz and P.C. Hanawalt (1999). In memoriam: Robert Hall Haynes. Environmental & Molecular Mutagenesis. 33:257-265.
Professional and academic associations
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President of the Royal Society of Canada
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