Robert Drew Hicks

Robert Drew Hicks (29 June 1850 – 8 March 1929[1]) was a classical scholar, and a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

The son of William Hicks, head clerk in the post office at Bristol,[2] Hicks was born in 1850, was educated at Bristol Grammar School,[3] and entered Trinity College, Cambridge in 1868.[4] Graduating BA in 1874, he became a fellow of Trinity in 1876.[5] He was college lecturer in Classics from 1884 to 1900.[3] He married Bertha Mary Heath in 1896, who herself held an MA in Classics from the University of London.[4] His brother-in-law was Sir Thomas Heath.[3] Between 1898 and 1900 Robert Hicks became blind, but he nevertheless produced most of his major works after this time, aided by his wife.[4] He died at his home, Fossedene, at Mount Pleasant, Cambridge.[2]

His writings include:[3]

He is buried at the Parish of the Ascension Burial Ground in Cambridge.


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