Robert Charvay

Robert Charvay, (5 March 1858 - 1925) is the pen name of Adrien Lefort, a French dramatist and journalist who worked for the daily Écho de Paris, where he signed his papers with the nickname « The Yellow Dwarf ».

His comedy Mademoiselle Josette, My Woman has been adapted four times on the screen:


  • Le Fiancé de Thylda, operetta buffa in 3 acts, written with Victor de Cottens, music by Louis Varney, 1900 ; remade under the title Le Voyage avant la noce
  • L'Enfant du miracle, comedy buffa in 3 acts written with Paul Gavault, 1903
  • Papa Mulot, three acts dramatic comedy, 1904
  • Mademoiselle Josette, My Woman, four acts comedy written with Paul Gavault, 1906
  • Monsieur Pickwick, burlesque comedy in five acts, 1911

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