Robert Carson (writer)

Robert Carson (born October 6, 1909, Clayton, Washington - d. January 19, 1983, Los Angeles, California, age 73) was an American film and television screenwriter, novelist, and short story writer, who won an Academy Award in 1938 for his screenplay of A Star Is Born. He was married to Mary Jane Irving, a former child actress.[1]

Robert Carson
BornOctober 6, 1909
Clayton, Washington
DiedJanuary 19, 1983
Los Angeles, California

Film screenwriting credits

Television screenwriting credits


  • The Revels Are Ended (1936). Doubleday.[3]
  • "Aloha Means Goodbye", a serialized short novel about a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, published in The Saturday Evening Post in June/July 1941, six months before the actual attack occurred. The story was the basis for the film Across the Pacific (1942).
  • Stranger in Our Midst (1947). G.P. Putnam. Reprinted 1953, Popular Library.[4]
  • The Magic Lantern (1952), a fictionalized account of Hollywood. Henry Holt
  • The Quality of Mercy (1954). Henry Holt.[5]
  • Love Affair (1958). Henry Holt. reprinted 1959, Popular Library.
  • My Hero[6] (1961) McGraw Hill. Reprinted 1962, Crest Books
  • An End to Comedy (1963) Bobbs-Merrill[7]
  • The Outsiders (1966), Little, Brown. Reprinted 1970, Coronet[8]
  • Jellybean (1974), a civil war period western. Little, Brown ISBN 0-316-13026-5


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