Robert Bernecky

Robert (Bob) Bernecky is a Canadian computer scientist notable as a designer and implementer of APL. His APL career started at I.P. Sharp Associates (IPSA) in 1971.[1]

Robert (Bob) Bernecky
United States
University of Toronto
Alma materHutchinson Central Technical High School, Buffalo, NY
Known forAPL
Scientific career
FieldsComputer science
InstitutionsI.P. Sharp Associates
Snake Island Research
ThesisAPEX:An APL Executor - Univ of Toronto, masters
InfluencesKenneth E. Iverson

Bernecky's first published APL work concerned with speeding up the iota and epsilon (index-of and membership) primitives functions by orders of magnitude.[2] While at IPSA, he was a colleague of Roger Hui,[3] Dick Lathwell,[4] Eugene McDonnell,[5] Roger Moore, Arthur Whitney, and APL inventor Ken Iverson.[5][6] He continued on after IPSA was acquired by Reuters on 1987-04-01, and left Reuters in 1990 to found Snake Island Research. He works on APL compiler and parallel-processing technology to this day.

Bernecky holds the Master of Science degree from the University of Toronto.[7]


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