Robert Arnott Wilson

Robert Arnott Wilson (born 1958) is a retired mathematician in London, England, who is best known for his work on classifying the maximal subgroups of finite simple groups and for the work in the Monster group. He is also an accomplished violin, viola and piano player, having played as the principal viola in the Sinfonia of Birmingham. Due to a damaged finger, he now principally plays the kora.[1]

Robert Wilson
Robert Arnott Wilson
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Alma materUniversity of Cambridge
Known for
Scientific career
InstitutionsQueen Mary, University of London
ThesisMaximal Subgroups of Some Finite Simple Groups (1983)
Doctoral advisorJohn Horton Conway


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  • An Atlas of Brauer Characters (London Mathematical Society Monographs) by Christopher Jansen, Klaus Lux, Richard Parker, Robert Wilson. Oxford University Press, USA (October 1, 1995) ISBN 0-19-851481-6
  • Wilson, Robert A. (2009). The finite simple groups. Graduate Texts in Mathematics. 251. Berlin, New York: Springer-Verlag. doi:10.1007/978-1-84800-988-2. ISBN 978-1-84800-987-5. Zbl 1203.20012, 2007 preprint.

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