Rob Heyland

Rob Heyland (born 2 April 1954) is a British actor turned television writer.

His first TV role was as a police constable in a 1982 episode of The Professionals entitled Cry Wolf.

He is perhaps best known for his role as Donald Turner in the popular BBC series One By One about a zoo vet.[1] He also starred in the late 1980s in the Pepperami advertising campaign "Venus Fly Trap" and "Piranha".

Heyland has since turned to script writing, contributing six episodes of Between The Lines (which he also created),[2] two of Thief Takers, and an episode of Foyle's War. Other credits include Without Motive, Promoted to Glory,[3] Bomber,[2] and Have Your Cake and Eat It.[4] He is co-creator, with SAS veteran Chris Ryan of popular ITV action show Ultimate Force, which ended in 2007.[5]


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