Roads of Destiny (short story collection)

Roads of Destiny is a story collection by O. Henry, published in 1909.[1] There are twenty-two stories. [2]

Roads of Destiny
AuthorO. Henry
GenreStory collection


  • "Roads of Destiny"
  • "The Guardian of the Accolade"
  • "The Discounters of Money"
  • "The Enchanted Profile"
  • "Next to Reading Matter"
  • "Art and the Bronco"
  • "Phoebe"
  • "A Double-dyed Deceiver"
  • "The Passing of Black Eagle"
  • "A Retrieved Reformation"
  • "Cherchez la Femme"
  • "Friends in San Rosario"
  • "The Fourth in Salvador"
  • "The Emancipation of Billy"
  • "The Enchanted Kiss"
  • "A Departmental Case"
  • "The Renaissance at Charleroi"
  • "On Behalf of the Management"
  • "Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking"
  • "The Halberdier of the Little Rheinschloss"
  • "Two Renegades"
  • "The Lonesome Road"


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