Road manager

In the music industry, a road manager is a person who works with small to mid-sized tours (in terms of personnel involved, based on size of the production). Job responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • advancing show dates
  • making travel and hotel arrangements (for all group members)
  • hiring backline techs or recommending techs to be hired (depending on authority given by artist management)
  • coordinating artist media obligations (normally while on tour, but could be anytime)
  • ensuring artist rider requirements are met
  • collecting payments due to the artist at show time (or signing off on amount due to be sent via wire, depending on arrangements made by artist management)
  • making vendor payments (or submission of amounts due to vendors to artist management)
  • handling personnel issues
  • distributing per diem (depending on per diem schedule approved by artist management)

Road managers can be confused with tour managers. Generally speaking, though, tour managers work with upper-mid to large scale tours and are often granted a much greater degree of authority in tour operations.

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