Riverside Drive (Ottawa)

Riverside Drive (Ottawa Road #19) is a major road in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that follows along the eastern bank of the Rideau River. Its northern terminus is at the Transitway/Via Rail underpass just south of the Queensway, and the road proceeds south to Limebank Road where it continues as River Road until the city limits. North of the Queensway, Riverside continues as Vanier Parkway, which travels through Vanier until Beechwood Avenue.[1]

The road's name is linked to Vanier, Ontario, which was named for former Governor General of Canada Georges Vanier.

Most of the road is a four-lane divided principal arterial, with a speed limit of 60 km/h (37 mph), although the general flow is faster in many sections.

Riverside is home to the Riverside Hospital, the Billings Bridge Plaza, the RA Centre, Canada Post headquarters, Public Works Canada headquarters, Canadian Labour Congress headquarters, Vincent Massey Park, Terry Fox Athletic Facility, and Mooney's Bay Park.

Riverside was re-aligned between Smyth Road and Industrial Avenue in 1986. Riverside once ended at Industrial, while it was Alta Vista Drive that carried traffic across the Queensway to become the Vanier Parkway. The old alignment of Riverside Drive in Riverview continues to be known as Riverside Drive, and serves a number of apartment building complexes, and has a cul-de-sac at each end.

Limebank Road

Limebank Road is an arterial road in Ottawa, which is a southbound continuation of Riverside Drive that starts at River Road, and continues south through Riverside South and to Mitch Owens Rd. It continues southbound through West Greely as Dozois Road.

Major intersections

On Vanier Parkway

On Riverside Drive

On River Road


River Road

Vanier Parkway


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