Rivals for the World Record

Rivals for the World Record (German:Rivalen im Weltrekord) is a 1930 German sports film directed by Ernö Metzner and starring Bob Stoll, Liselotte Schaak and Nien Soen Ling.[1]

Rivals for the World Record
Directed byErnö Metzner
Produced byBob Stoll
Written byErnö Metzner
Bob Stoll
StarringBob Stoll
Liselotte Schaak
Nien Soen Ling
Music byGeorg Fiebinger
CinematographyEduard von Borsody
Distributed byPrometheus Film
Release date
29 September 1930
Running time
115 minutes


  • Bob Stoll as Max von Oldeslo / Bob von Oldeslo
  • Liselotte Schaak as Harriet Gräfin von Thysell
  • Nien Soen Ling as Monteur Kinlung
  • Grace Chiang as Grace, seine Tochter
  • Hans Casparius as Graf Sternberg
  • Robert Garrison as Ein Sternberg
  • Speedy Schlichter as Kokotte


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