Rita the American Girl

Rita the American Girl (Italian: Rita, la figlia americana) is a 1965 Italian musicarello film directed by Piero Vivarelli with Totò and Rita Pavone.[1]

Rita the American Girl
Directed byPiero Vivarelli
Produced byFabrizio Capucci
Written byTito Carpi
Bruno Corbucci
StarringTotò, Rita Pavone
Music byThe Rokes: David Norman Shapiro
CinematographyEmanuele Di Cora
Edited byEnzo Micarelli
Distributed byTitanus
Release date
Running time
101 minutes


Professor Serafino Benvenuti is a master of classical music who has the passion of the orchestra director. However, the young audience of the 60 does not appreciate classical composers like Mozart or Beethoven, and so Serafino is likely to have compromised his image as a director. One day Serafino receives the news that her adopted daughter: Rita, is about to return to Italy from America, where she is studying. Serafino is very happy, because at least they can teach you the real music. However, Rita is deeply grown and changed: she follows the musical patterns of her time: the rock music and blues. Serafino gets very angry, especially when he discovers that his daughter falls in love with a young man, a member of a band called "The Rockets."



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