Rime riche

Rime riche (French pronunciation: [ʁim ʁiʃ]) is a form of rhyme with identical sounds, if different spellings.

In French poetry, rhymes are sometimes classified into the categories "rime pauvre" ("poor rhyme"), "rime suffisante" ("sufficient rhyme"), "rime riche" ("rich rhyme") and "rime richissime" ("very rich rhyme"), according to the number of rhyming sounds in the two words or in the parts of the two verses. For example to rhyme "parla" with "sauta" would be a poor rhyme (the words have only the final vowel in common), to rhyme "cheval" with "fatal" a sufficient rhyme, and "grise" with "brise" a rich rhyme.

An English example could be:

While interest accrues,

Let's go on a cruise.

See also

  • Holorime, an extreme form of rime riche when two entire lines of verse have identical sounds
  • Perfect rhyme, when rhyming words or phrases have identical sounds except the leading articulation
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