Rikkavesi is a medium-sized lake in eastern Finland. At approximately 63 square kilometres (24 sq mi), it is the 66th largest lake in Finland. Rikkavesi is situated in the municipalities of Kaavi, Outokumpu and Tuusniemi.[3]

The shipping route goes through the Kaavinkoski Canal from Rikkavesi to Kaavinjärvi.
LocationNorthern Savonia and Northern Karelia in Finland
Coordinates62°49′N 28°45′E
Primary outflowsOhtaansalmi[1]
Catchment areaVuoksi
Basin countriesFinland
Surface area63.361 km2 (24.464 sq mi)
Average depth10.86 m (35.6 ft)
Max. depth66.85 m (219.3 ft)
Water volume0.69 km3 (0.17 cu mi)
Shore length1267.05 km (165.94 mi)[2]
Surface elevation101 m (331 ft)
IslandsThe biggest island is Viitasaari, 95 ha (0.37 sq mi)[3]
SettlementsKaavi, Outokumpu and Tuusniemi
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Rikkavesi is 101 metres (331 ft) above the sea level. Kaavinjärvi and Rikkavesi are connected by the Kaavinkoski Canal. Ohtaansalmi strait flows from Rikkavesi to Juojärvi. There is a marked shipping route from Saimaa to Rikkavesi.

Lake Rikkavesi was formed by glacial melting at the end of the Ice Age. The average depth is almost 11 metres (36 ft) and the maximum depth is almost 67 metres (219 ft).

There are many islands in Rikkavesi. The biggest island is Viitasaari, which is 95 hectares (0,4 sq mi). The total length of shoreline is 267 kilometres (166 mi).[3]


Luikonlahti excursion harbour is situated at the end of the narrow and almost 10 km long bay. The harbour is suitable for temporary stay and camping. The village has a fuel distribution ca. 500 m west of the harbour. The depth of the shipping route to the harbour is 1,8 metres.

Kaavinkoski excursion harbour is near the bridge of Tuusniemi-Luikonlahti road. The harbour is suitable for both boaters and canoers. The depth of the shipping route to the harbour is 1,5 metres.

Ohtaansalmi landing site is in Tuusniemi.[4]

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