Ridgewood School

Ridgewood School (The Academy @ Ridgewood Trust) is an academy in Scawsby, Doncaster, in England. The school gained academy status in October 2011, and was a specialist Engineering College prior to September 2015.

Ridgewood School
Barnsley Road

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Coordinates53.538688°N 1.182446°W / 53.538688; -1.182446
Established20 October 1968
Local authorityDoncaster
Department for Education URN137603 Tables
Head teacherMs Maggie Dunn
Age11 to 19
Colour(s)Black, Blue, Green and Purple

Ridgewood School accepts pupils from the surrounding areas of Sprotbrough, Sprotbrough village (or Upper Sprotbrough) with Copley Junior School and Richmond Hill Primary School, Cusworth with Saltersgate Infants and Junior School, Barnburgh and Marr with Barnburgh Primary, and Scawsby with Rosedale Primary all leading on to Ridgewood. Pupils from Upper Sprotbrough who previously attended Outwood (formerly Adwick Secondary School), are now in the catchment area of Ridgewood. Ridgewood Academy performs average in Doncaster's league tables for GCSE and other results, often around the middle of league table schools.

Lessons: Ridgewood School teaches lessons in Geography, Music, History, French, Spanish, Art, ICT, Science, Maths, RE, Technology, Food Tech, English, and Drama. The various blocks within which lessons are taught are named for famous creators, inventors or scientists. The creators are as follows: MacAdam, Curie, Newton, Paxton, Telford, Da Vinci, Brunel, Arkwright, Hargreaves and Faraday, the latter of which is predominantly for Post 16 students.

Buses: Travel to the school is provided via the school buses, the 540, which collects students from Sprotbrough village, the 541, which collects students from Lower Sprotbrough, and the 542, which collects students from Barnburgh. A free late bus is also provided in the afternoons, which leaves at 16:30.

The school also caters for 6th formers with courses including engineering, computing and construction. It competes in sporting and non-sporting events including fishing, track and field running, cross country, football and netball.

Ridgewood School neighbours the New Stone Hill School, a specialist school which was formerly the Anchorage School, and before that, a teacher training college. It has an open playing field towards the back of the site alongside Ridgewood's open P.E. fields, which are both surrounded by open fields used for agriculture. To one side of the playing field is an abandoned railway line which runs through Scawsby and Sprotbrough.

In the school's most recent Ofsted report (October 2015), the lower school was labelled 'Good' and the 6th form labelled 'Outstanding'.[1]


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