Richmond railway station, Melbourne

Richmond railway station is located on the Alamein, Belgrave, Cranbourne, Frankston, Glen Waverley, Lilydale, Pakenham and Sandringham lines in Victoria, Australia. It serves the south-eastern Melbourne suburb of Richmond opening on 12 December 1859 as Swan Street, being renamed Richmond on 1 January 1867.[3] As of 2018/19, it is the ninth-busiest station in metropolitan Melbourne with 4.17 million boardings per year.[2]

Commuter and regional rail station
Westbound view from Platform 6 in March 2008
LocationPunt Road, Richmond
Coordinates37°49′25″S 144°59′20″E
Owned byVicTrack
Operated byMetro Trains
Line(s)Alamein (weekday peaks only)
Glen Waverley
Distance3.80 kilometres from Southern Cross
Platforms10 (5 island)
ConnectionsTram route 70
Bus routes 246 & 605
Structure typeElevated
Other information
StatusPremium station
Station codeRMD
Fare zone1
WebsitePublic Transport Victoria
Opened12 December 1859
Passengers (2008-2009)2.052 million[1]
Passengers (2009-2010)2.124 million[1] 3.51%
Passengers (2010-2011)2.230 million[1] 5%
Passengers (2011-2012)2.070 million[1] 7.17%
Passengers (2012-2013)Not measured[1]
Passengers (2013-2014)3.336 million[1] 61.16%
Passengers (2014-2015)Not measured[2]
Passengers (2015-2016)3.70 million[2] 10.72%
Passengers (2016-2017)3.80 million[2] 2.99%
Passengers (2017-2018)4.17 million[2] 9.51%
Preceding station   Metro Trains   Following station
Lilydale line
towards Lilydale
Belgrave line
towards Belgrave
Alamein line
towards Alamein
Glen Waverley line
towards Glen Waverley
Pakenham line
towards Pakenham
Cranbourne line
towards Cranbourne
Frankston line
towards Frankston
Sandringham line
towards Sandringham
Bairnsdale line
towards Bairnsdale
Traralgon line
towards Traralgon

Station overview


Richmond station has no elevators.

Richmond station is built on an embankment immediately east of Punt Road with platforms extending west across the Punt Road railway bridge.

The station has ten platforms connected by three subways, and is the junction of all of Melbourne's eastern and south eastern rail lines, with trains on the Alamein, Belgrave, Cranbourne, Frankston, Glen Waverley, Lilydale, Pakenham and Sandringham lines serving the station.

Richmond station is located in Melbourne's sporting precinct. A special events entrance at the western end is opened during events at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne Park and AAMI Park.

Tram route 70 runs past Richmond station along Swan Street. Punt Road underpasses directly under the station via a major interchange with Swan Street and Brunton Avenue.

In 2025, Pakenham and Cranbourne lines will cease stopping at Richmond station as part of the new Metro Tunnel Project.


Richmond station has been relocated and rebuilt four times. The first station in Punt Road was at ground level and opened on 8 February 1859. It closed the same year on 12 December 1859. On the same day the new station, also at ground level, opened in Swan Street. In 1885, an elevated station just north of Swan Street was opened with six platforms.

By the 1930s the station was struggling with the patronage, with the 1940 Ashworth Improvement Plan recommending that it be rebuilt but funding issues during World War II prevented it from happening.[4] The station had also deteriorated to the point that it was condemned by the local council, and so work begun in the 1950s on a replacement. Part of Operation Phoenix, the postwar rebuilding of Victorian Railways,[5] it was not until 26 March 1960 that the present station was completed. Located slightly west of the previous station, the bridges at each end of the station across Punt Road and Swan Street were also rebuilt to accommodate the ten tracks. For a period, platforms at both the old and new stations operated, before the original station finally closed and was demolished.

It was upgraded to a Premium station on 4 December 1996.[6]

Richmond station was the filming location for the opening scene of the 1992 Australian film Romper Stomper. In the film's story the location was named as Footscray station.

Platforms and services

Richmond has ten platforms.

Platform 1:

Platform 2:

Platform 3:

Platform 4:

Platform 5:

Platform 6:

Platform 7 & 8:

Platform 9 & 10:

Transdev Melbourne operates one route via Richmond station:

Yarra Trams operates one route via Richmond station:

Schematic diagram of the station


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