Richard Texier

Richard Texier (born June 28, 1955) is a French painter and sculptor.[1][2] He lives and works in Paris.


Texier spent his childhood in the Poitevin region of Western France.[3] In 1973, Texier went to college in Paris. He graduated with a degree in art and architecture from the École spéciale d'architecture and later received a doctorate in plastic art from the Sorbonne.[4]

In 1979, Texier moved to New York City,[5] where he initiated a nomadic strategy of creation which he called "Nomadic Workshops". This strategy subsequently enabled him to multiply his workshop space to venues all over the world:[6]

In 1982, Texier exhibited for the first time at the FIAC in Paris with the Claudine Bréguet gallery.[14]

In 1989, the French government commissioned Texier to create a series of tapestries on the theme of the 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. The tapestries were exhibited at the Opéra Bastille,[15] La Grande Arche de la Défense,[16] the National Assembly of France, the International Tapestry Museum in Aubusson, France,[16] the European Parliament and the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris.[17]

Texier's most recent works include Chaosmos 2009, Pantheo Vortex 2011, and Elastogénèse 2013.

Chaosmos [18]

In 2009, Texier began a series of special paintings entitled Chaosmos. This ongoing work includes more than a hundred paintings. The word Chaosmos was first used in 1939 by James Joyce in Finnegans Wake, whereby he states that the universe cannot function without embracing the concept of chaos. Moreover, the cosmos and chaos are indissolubly united in a vast continuum of order and disorder. At the beginning of the 1970s, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari revisited the Joycian cosmos, notably in their "Mille Plateaux", affirming that "chaos is not the opposite of rhythm, it is more the center of all centers". It is literally this center of all centers that Texier, as an artistic astrophysicist attempts to define, and restore. Chaosmos is none other than a celebration of energy as a concentration of the history of the world. Zéno Bianu « une autre entrée dans le cœur du monde », p. 52, Art press No. 413, "Supplément Richard Texier", July–August 2014, ISSN 0245-5676

Pantheo-Vortex [19]

  • « Pantheo Vortex is a collection of paintings begun in 2011. The series is based on the principle of The Cathedral of Rouen by Monet, or by the limitless modern artistic propositions of a conceptual nature. The paintings in this series are both photos and paintings. The image is obtained by using a digital graphic palette and aims to confuse by placing the real in the false and vice versa. The intention is not to trouble or perplex but rather to inspire and encourage the viewer to look beyond simple appearances. The choice of "vortex" in the naming of the work is explicit. According to the dictionary definition a vortex is a human pictoral interpretation which enables the viewer, via IT, to formulate a description of the infinite, and that of mystery.» (…) »
Citation de Paul Ardenne « faire de l’essentiel une œuvre d’art à la mesure », p. 14, in Art press No. 413, "Supplément Richard Texier", July–August 2014, ISSN 0245-5676
  • « Ce projet [Pantheo-Vortex] est une stratégie de création pour aborder le mystère et la dimension magique de l’existence. (…) L’art est le seul espace non dogmatique, non religieux où il semble possible d’aborder un sujet qui se dérobe, par définition, aux tentatives d’exploration. (…) »
Citation de Richard Texier, p. 12, in Art press No. 413, "Supplément Richard Texier", July–August 2014, ISSN 0245-5676


  • «(…) This new series explores the elasticity of the imaginary, the emptiness of the early times of consciousness and cosmos, where all is real as the world invents itself. I baptised it Elastogénèse as it is firstly an artistic rendering of dreams, Yves Tanguy never called it that even if he used it frequently. It is also a tool, a means of embracing reality. It is very different from the virtual world which attempts to dematerialise reality, Elastogénèse on the contrary chooses matter. It is, however something soft, elastic, in motion and restless. This form of movement exists already in nature, and these natural elements prove in a dazzling manner that the soft is stronger than the hard, and that the proof of their elastic, changeable and adaptable nature is finally more elegant than the rigidity of the real.(…) The art world was the first to discover and explore this nature. The sculptures of Arp, the soft watches of Dali, the expansions of Cèsar, and the silicons of Matthew Barney are all intuitive versions I offer a principal of mental resolution, a means of magical thinking.(…)»
Citation de Richard Texier, dans Nager, p. 129-130, a story, published by Éditions Gallimard in Collection Blanche, Paris, ISBN 9782070149629.[20]



Selected personal exhibitions


  • 1979 : Constructions d’après nature, a work in three parts edited with the participation of the National Center for Contemporary Art of France.
  • 1981 : Lune, l’autre le paysage, a publication in three periods.
    • 1: Research and technical approach to landscape
    • 2 : Precise verified astronomy and representation of the lunar cycle
    • 3: Presentation of various attitudes, installations, and representations in landscape
  • 1983 : Petit Précis cosmographique, a collection composed of 12 celestial diagrams
  • 2015 : Pantheo Vortex", a portfolio of photographs by Richard Texier, with a text by Catherine Millet, Art Press editions and Eric Higgins
  • 2015 : Nager, story, published by Gallimard, collection Blanche, Paris, ISBN 9782070149629.[20]


  • 2008 : Rouge très très fort on the works of Zao Wou-Ki, available on DVD by éditions Biro and aired on ARTE[62]
  • 2013 : The Death of Cleopatra, Youtube and aired on France2 [63]
  • 2013 : Gabrielle d'Estrée, Youtube [64]
  • 2015 : Le signe Nomade, documentary on Farid Belkahia available on DVD [65]

Selected public works

The Tools of the Navigator

In 1996, a monumental chariot on the site of l'Arsenal de Rochefort-sur-Mer, à deux pas de la Corderie royale,[66] including a sextant, a coil of rope, and a turn pin.[67]

The Spirit of Time

In 2005, a monumental sculpture on the pediment of the K.WAH center in Shanghai, 1010 Huaihai Zhong Lu, China[58] · [68]

Angel Bear

In 2015, a special commission by the SNCF for the COP21, Angel Bear is permanently installed on the place Napoleon III in front of the railway station of Paris Nord.[69] It was while reading a report in Paris Match on the plight of polar bears that Richard Texier was inspired to create the work.[20]
Representing a winged bear of 7 meters in height and weighing 4.8 tons, the statue invites passers by to reflect upon the dangers facing our planet.
It is a mythological and hybrid creature delivering a political and ecological message on the fragility of our planet and the importance of COP21.[70]

Unicorna Celeste

In 2016, Richard Texier receives two commissions for bronze sculptures, of which one,Unicorna Céleste will decorate the garden of the new building "Esprit Sagan" in Paris. IUnicorna Celeste is an evocation of Françoise Sagans’ Le Cheval Evanoui.[71]

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