Richard C. Currier

Richard Carlton "Dick" Currier[1] (August 26, 1892 – December 14, 1984) was an American film editor known principally for his work at Hal Roach Studios.


Currier was born in Denver, Colorado. From 1920 to 1932 he was the head of the editing department at Hal Roach Studios. His contract ensured that his name appeared as editor on nearly every Hal Roach film released while he was head of the department, though the actual work was often done by other people. Most of the Laurel and Hardy films released by the company during this period were actually edited by Bert Jordan. After his work at Roach, Currier worked at Paramount Pictures and Monogram Pictures. He worked at Hal Roach Studios again for a short while before starting his own editing company. He died in Lake Forest, California.

Currier had been elected to membership in American Cinema Editors.

Selected filmography


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