Ricercar Consort

The Ricercar Consort is a Belgian instrumental ensemble founded in 1980 together with the Ricercar record label[1] of Jérôme Lejeune.[2][3]

The founding members were violinist François Fernandez, organist Bernard Foccroulle, and viola da gamba player Philippe Pierlot.[4] The initial repertoire was focussed on the German Baroque, and the Consort was closely identified with the series Deutsche Barock Kantaten.[5] In recordings and concerts the Consort was joined by baroque specialist singers including; Greta De Reyghere, Agnès Mellon, countertenors Henri Ledroit and James Bowman, tenor Guy de Mey and bass Max van Egmond, as well as the cornett player Jean Tubéry.

The consort is associated with the Festival Bach en Vallée Mosane held in the valley of the Meuse.[6]


The consort has recorded over 50 discs.

On Ricercar:

  • Compilation: Deutsche Barock-Weihnacht 2CD.

On Mirare:


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