Ricaurte (TransMilenio)

The transfer station Ricaurte is part of the TransMilenio mass-transit system of Bogotá, Colombia, opened in the year 2000.



Paloquemao E Guatoque - Veraguas
San Façon Carrera 22 F CDS Carrera 32
G Comuneros
Location Troncal Calle 13 between Carreras 27 and 29 and Avenida NQS between Calles 9 and 12.
Neighborhood Los Mártires
Opened Calle 13 August 2003 and NQS July 1, 2005


The station is located near downtown Bogotá, specifically at the intersection of Calle 13 with Carrera 27, right before the Carrera 30 bridge.


The station was opened in 2003 during the opening of the Américas-Calle 13 line. At the end of that same year, one side of the station was closed for the construction of a tunnel connection to the median of Avenida NQS. That portion was opened in 2005

The station has three entrances: at the traffic light on Avenida Calle 13 with Carrera 27, by the pedestrian bridge located on Avenida NQS with Calle 10, and through the building on the plaza located at the intersection of NQS with Calle 13.

The station is named Ricaurte due to the proximity of the neighborhood with the same name.

It is one of the two stations in the entire system that is part of more than one zone: zones Américas and NQS Central.

Station Services

Old trunk services

Services rendered until April 29, 2006

Current Every 3 minutes on average
Express Every 2 minutes on average
Express DominicalEvery 3 or 4 minutes on average

Main line service

Service as of April 29, 2006
TypeNorth or East RoutesSouth or West RoutesFrequency
4 5 7
4 5 7
Every three minutes
Express Monday through Sunday
All day
Every two minutes
Express Monday through Saturday
All day
B11 B12 C19 J23 K43 M51
G11 G12 F19 F23 G43 F51
Every two minutes
Express Monday through Saturday
Mixed service, rush and non-rush
Every two minutes
Express Saturday
5:00 a.m through 3:00 p.m
Every two minutes
Express Sundays and holidays
B90 C91 C96 K98 M99
G90 F91 G96 G98 F99
Every 3-4 minutes

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