Rhombitetraapeirogonal tiling

In geometry, the rhombitetraapeirogonal tiling is a uniform tiling of the hyperbolic plane. It has Schläfli symbol of rr{∞,4}.

Rhombitetraapeirogonal tiling

Poincaré disk model of the hyperbolic plane
TypeHyperbolic uniform tiling
Vertex configuration4.4..4
Schläfli symbolrr{,4} or
Wythoff symbol4 | 2
Coxeter diagram or
Symmetry group[,4], (*42)
DualDeltoidal tetraapeirogonal tiling


There are two uniform constructions of this tiling, one from [∞,4] or (*∞42) symmetry, and secondly removing the mirror middle, [∞,1+,4], gives a rectangular fundamental domain [∞,∞,∞], (*∞222).

Two uniform constructions of 4.4.4.∞
Name Rhombitetrahexagonal tiling
Symmetry [∞,4]
[∞,∞,∞] = [∞,1+,4]
Schläfli symbol rr{∞,4} t0,1,2,3{∞,∞,∞}
Coxeter diagram


The dual of this tiling, called a deltoidal tetraapeirogonal tiling represents the fundamental domains of (*∞222) orbifold symmetry. Its fundamental domain is a Lambert quadrilateral, with 3 right angles.

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