Rhode House

The Those House (Danish: Den Rhodeske Gård) is a historic property located at the corner of Strandgade (No. 14) and Torvegade in the Christianshavn neighbourhood of central Copenhagen, Denmark.

Rhose House
Den Rhodeske Gård
The Rhode House
General information
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
Coordinates55°40′24.16″N 12°35′20.46″E
Construction started1640


The property was part of a large lot at present-day No. 8–14. No. 14 was sold off to statholder Frantz Rantzow in 1630.In 1632, he was appointed to Steward of the Realm but died later that same year. It is believed that the house was built in about 1640 for Nahman Hiort, one of the first Councilmen of the new market town which had been incorporated on 8 June 1639. Nahman Hiort owned both No. 14 and No. 12 from 1642 to 1653. The next owner was a baker Jens Sørensen. whose widow owned the property until 1668. Strandgade 12 was sold off in 1702.[1]

A wine merchant, Mathias Rohde, acquired the building in 1781. He expanded the house with two extra floors in 1785 (some sources say 1794) and operated a tavern in the cellar.[2]

Another wine merchant, Jacob Kaarsberg (1752-1819) established a wine trading company in the building on 14 February 1798. The company, Vinhuset af 1898, was later continued by his son P. A. Kaarsberg (1791-1866) and then by Wilh. Schreiber (died 1876).[3] The Kaarsberg family owned the building until 1877.[4] The company existed well into the 2+th century but had by then relocated to Amagerbrogade 15.[3]

The writer Andreas Nicolai de Saint-Aubain, who wrote under the pseudonym Carl Bernhard, was born in the building on 18 November 1798. He was a cousin of Johan Ludvig Heiberg. Pastor Nicolai G. Blædel, a co-founder of Indre Mission in Copenhagen, lived in the building in 1845-1846. The naval officer Edouard Suenson lived in the building in the beginning of the 1850s.[2]


The building consists of four floors and a cellar. Eight bays front Strandgade while six bays front Torvegade. The two uppermost floors and two of the bays along Strandgade date from the 1794 expansion.[5] The facade is red-washed with sandstone details. The portal is decorated with bunches of grapes.


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