Rhema FM

Rhema FM is the name used for a number of Christian radio stations established with the help of, and assisted for many years by United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) in Australia. Each is independent, being run and programmed locally with many having moved away from the Rhema name. UCB has also established the Vision Radio Network across Australia, which is entirely networked from UCB's Brisbane studios.

The name and logo of "Rhema FM" was derived from one of UCB's affiliate networks in NZ that was then of the same name. See New Zealand's Rhema.

UCB no longer recognises affiliations with other radio stations because it has given up its role as a co-ordinating body to focus on operating as a broadcaster in its own right. Rhema stations, and UCB's own Vision Radio Network retain affiliation with each other by being members of Christian Media Australia (formerly the Association of Christian Broadcasters), which operates as the peak body for Christian media.


In the majority of cases, the format of Christian Radio is loosely based on commercial radio styles, generally infusing Christian content by means of music tracks and short segments, such as Focus On The Family and other widely acceptable forms of Christian content.

Other stations present talk based formats, such as 3ABN, Faith-FM and similar services.


Current stations

The following stations are currently using the Rhema name in Australia:

Former stations

Other stations originally started under the Rhema FM name, but now under another name:

There are also other Christian broadcasters in Australia

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