Revelation Records (jazz)

Revelation Records was an American jazz record label based in Los Angeles, active from 1965 until the late 1980s.

Revelation was founded by Occidental College professor and then-director of the Moore Laboratory of Zoology, John William (Bill) Hardy and UCLA employee Jon Horwich. The label was initially operated out of Los Angeles and then Glendale, California. Hardy had previously written liner notes for Dick Bock's productions for Pacific Jazz Records. Toward the end of the 1970s, the label's base of operations shifted to Gainesville, Florida.[1] The label released approximately 50 albums.



P Artist Album Released
REV 1 Dennis Budimir Alone Together 1967
REV 2 Clare Fischer Easy Livin' 1966
REV 3 Anthony Ortega New Dance! 1967
REV 4 Dennis Budimir A Second Coming 1968
REV 5 Gary Foster Subconsciously 1968
REV 6 Clare Fischer One to Get Ready, Four to Go 1968
REV 7 Anthony Ortega, Chuck Domanico, Bob West, Bill Goodwin Permutations 1968
REV 8 Dennis Budimir Sprung Free! 1968
REV 9 New Art Jazz Ensemble Seeking 1969
REV 10 Frank Strazzeri That's Him & This Is New 1969
REV 11 Forrest Westbrook, Jim West, Paul Ruhland, Dick Wilson This Is Their Time, Oh Yes 1970
REV 12 Warne Marsh Ne Plus Ultra 1970
REV 13 Clare Fischer Great White Hope! 1970
REV 14 Dennis Budimir The Session with Albert Vol. 1 1972
REV 15 Clare Fischer Reclamation Act of 1972! 1972
REV 16 Joe Albany Proto-Bopper 1972
REV 17 Warne Marsh, Clare Fischer, Gary Foster Report of the 1st Annual Symposium on Relaxed Improvisation 1973
REV 18 John Carter, Bobby Bradford Secrets 1973
REV 19 Gary Foster Grand Cru Classé 1973
REV 20 Frank Strazzeri Taurus 1973
REV 21 Ronnie Hoopes Respect for a Great Tradition 1973
REV 22 Warne Marsh The Art of Improvising 1974
REV 23 Clare Fischer T'da-a-a-a-a! 1975
REV 24 Véra Brasil Véra Brasil 1975
REV 25 Joe Albany At Home Alone 1976
REV 27 Clare Fischer The State of His Art 1976
REV 28 Warne Marsh The Art of Improvising Volume 2 1977
REV 28 The Hot Jazz Orchestra The Hot Jazz Orchestra 1977
REV 30 Noel Jewkes and the Dr. Legato Express Just Passin' Thru 1979
Rev 31 Clare Fischer Jazz Song 1979
REV 32 Paul Nash featuring Mark Isham with Eddie Marshall & Art Lande A Jazz Composer's Ensemble 1979
REV 33 Charlie Bush Introducing the Jazz Guitar of Charlie Bush Local Living Legend 1979
REV 34 Frank Sullivan First Impressions 1980
REV 37 Clare Fischer Head, Heart & Hands 1982
REV 41 Jack Reilly November 1983
REV 42 Bill Prince with the Frank Sullivan Trio Best Kept Secret in Jazz 1983
REV 43 Per Henrik Wallin 4th Balcony Jump 1984
REV 44 Carmell Jones Carmell Jones Returns 1983
REV 45 Jerry Coker with the Frank Sullivan Trio ...A Re-emergence 1984
REV 48 Gary Foster Kansas City Connection 1985


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