Reutech Rogue

The Reutech Rogue remote weapon system is a remotely controlled turret system for weapons ranging from 7.62 mm general purpose machine guns up to 20 mm cannons or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher. A version for anti-tank guided missiles has also been developed. There are versions for land and maritime use manufactured in South Africa by Reutech Solutions.[1]


The control system of both Land and Sea Rogue mounts consists of a console in the ship or vehicle with a display screen for the cameras on the mount and a simple joystick control. The turret is gyro-stabilised and electrically driven. An optical observation and sighting system is mounted on the turret alongside the weapon with a variety of daylight and thermal imaging cameras and laser rangefinder. The standard option includes a 3 field-of-view daylight camera and a Sagem Matis SP cooled thermal night sight. An optional fit consists of a Sagem CM# MR uncooled infrared night sight, a 2 field-of-view day camera and a laser rangerfinder.[2]


The system is available in various version:

They are available in Sea or Land configurations for use on ships and boats or armoured vehicles respectively.

In September 2017 a new version, the Rogue Lite, was introduced. Designed for light armoured vehicles, it can be fitted with a 12.7 or 7.62 mm machine gun or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. A variety of optical sighting systems are offered.[6]



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