Retiro railway station

Retiro Station (Estación Retiro in Spanish) is the name given to three railway terminus located in the district of Retiro of Buenos Aires, that are Retiro Mitre, Retiro Belgrano and Retiro San Martín. The stations are terminus of Mitre, Belgrano and San Martín Railways respectively. It is also found in the vicinity of Retiro bus station, the largest bus terminal in the country.

Inter-city & Commuter rails
Aerial view of the three terminals and their tracks.
LocationRamos Mejía Avenue, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Coordinates34°35′29″S 58°22′29″W
Owned byGovernment of Argentina
Operated byTrenes Argentinos
San Martín
(under construction: )
Bus terminus
Other information
Fare zoneRetiro, Buenos Aires
OpenedAugust 1, 1915 (1915-08-01)
ElectrifiedMitre only


The stations are very close to the Retiro bus station (Terminal de Omnibus), the principal long-distance bus terminal in Buenos Aires. The complex is also accessible by the C line of the Buenos Aires Metro system and by numerous local public bus services. The stations will also be accessible by both Line E and Line H of the metro once their extensions are complete.

Three stations are located opposite Plaza San Martín, a large park.


Commuter rail

Retiro is the largest railway complex in Buenos Aires and more commuter trains arrive and depart from here than in any other station in the city. As of 2015, the following companies operate regular services to the suburbs of Buenos Aires along three principal lines:


In addition to its status as the hub of an extensive commuter railway network, Retiro stations are also the terminus of a few long-distance passenger services which provide access to cities in the north and west of the country. As of 2015, state-owned Trenes Argentinos manages long-distance services to the cities of Córdoba, Tucumán and Rosario. Those services had been run by defunct company Ferrocentral.

From the Retiro San Martín station trains depart to Rufino station in Santa Fe Province.[1][2]

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