Resurrection Men (Rebus)

Resurrection Men is a 2007 episode of STV's Rebus television series. It was the first episode broadcast in the show's fourth season, and starred Ken Stott in the title role. The episode was based on the Ian Rankin novel of the same name.

"Resurrection Men"
Rebus episode
Episode no.Season 4
Episode 1
Directed byRoger Gartland
Story byIan Rankin
Teleplay byDavid Kane
Original air dateOctober 2007 (STV)
Guest appearance(s)


After a disciplinary incident Rebus is sent on a re-training course. There he falls in with McCulloch and Grey, two detectives involved in a range of corrupt practices, including the fire-bombing of a witness' home. Meanwhile Clarke is investigating the murder of an art dealer in the city. As the cases become entwined, it is revealed Rebus has been working a sting operation against McCulloch and Grey, while the witness takes a grisly revenge.



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