Resort Radio

Resort Radio (99FM) was a radio station in Queenstown on 99.2FM, 100.0FM and 1359AM. Originally this station was owned by Radio Otago until Radio Otago was sold to RadioWorks in 1999. During the nineties programming during the evenings and nights was a simulcast of Foveaux FM in Southland with Southland advertisements. Foveaux announcers would read out the weather for Queenstown during the evenings especially for Resort Radio listeners. After Radio Otago was sold to RadioWorks local programming was brought back to Resort Radio during the evenings and overnight.

In 2004 Resort Radio was rebranded as More FM when RadioWorks rebranded the majority of their LocalWorks stations to More FM.

With the station now part of the More FM network, the station is now only local between 6am-1pm Weekdays and 6am-10am Weekends. Out of these times the station is networked from Auckland. The current breakfast show is hosted by Margo Berryman and Henry Youngman (6am-10am) & Janey Newlands hosts the workday show (10am-1pm). Philippa Collins, Jono and Jo Blick rotate on weekends.

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