Reservoir Records

Reservoir Records is jazz record label founded in 1987 by Mark and Kayla Feldman, with special attention given to a piano series. Its catalogue includes music by Kenny Barron, Nick Brignola, Steve Kuhn, Hod O'Brien, Claudio Roditi Pepper Adams, Tommy Flanagan, Al Grey, Peter Leitch, J. R. Monterose, Ralph Moore, Valery Ponomarev, Joe Puma, Don Sickler, and Buddy Tate.[1]

Reservoir Records
Founded1987 (1987)
FounderMark Feldman
Kayla Feldman
Country of originU.S.
LocationKingston, New York



Catalog Artist Album
101Ponomarev, ValeryMeans of Identification
102Puma, JoeShining Hour
103Leitch, PeterRed Zone
104Moore, RalphRound Trip
105Levy, JedGood People
106Schneiderman, RobNew Outlook
107Ponomarev, ValeryTrip to Moscow
108Brignola, NickRaincheck
109Monterose, J.R....And a Little Pleasure [reissue of Uptown LP]
110Tate, Buddy & Al GreyJust Jazz [reissue of Uptown LP]
111Sickler, DonThe Music of Kenny Dorham
112Brignola, NickOn a Different Level
113Adams, PepperConjuration: Fat Tuesday's Session
114Schneiderman, RobSmooth Sailing
115Barron, KennyThe Only One
116O'Brien, HodRidin' High
117Brignola, NickWhat It Takes
118Leitch, PeterExhilaration
119Ponomarev, ValeryProfile
120Schneiderman, RobRadio Waves
121Barron, KennyThe Moment
122Berk, DickLet's Cool One
123Brignola, NickIt's Time
124McShann, Jay & John HicksThe Missouri Connection
125Brignola, NickLive at Sweet Basil, First Set
126Schneiderman, RobStandards
127Katz, Dick3-Way Play
128Berk, DickEast Coast Stroll
129Leitch, PeterSpecial Rapport, A
130Hicks, JohnBeyond Expectations
131Ponomarev, ValeryLive at Sweet Basil
132Schneiderman, RobDark Blue
133Roditi, ClaudioLike Old Times
134Leitch, Peter & John HicksDuality
135Collins, JayUncommon Threads
136Roditi, ClaudioFree Wheelin'
137Palmer, JeffShades of the Pine
138Fedchock, JohnNew York Big Band
139Roditi, ClaudioSamba Manhattan Style
140Leitch, PeterColours & Dimensions
141Katz, DickThe Line Forms Here
142Collins, JayReality Tonic
143Berk, DickOne by One
144Schneiderman, RobKeepin' in the Groove
145Brignola, NickThe Flight of the Eagle
146Leitch, PeterUp Front
147Malinverni, PeteThis Time
148Roditi, ClaudioDouble Standards
149Boiarsky, AndresInto the Light
150Ponomarev, ValeryA Star for You
151Brignola, NickPoinciana
152Schneiderman, RobDancing in the Dark
153Fedchock, JohnOn the Edge
154Kuhn, SteveDedication
155O'Brien, HodSo That's How It Is
156Alves, HelioTrios
157Kuhn, SteveCountdown
158Malinverni, PeteA Very Good Year
159Brignola, NickAll Business
160Leitch, PeterBlues On the Corner
162Kuhn, SteveThe Best Things
167Ben-Hur, RoniAnna's Dance
168Brignola, NickTour de Force
169Mayer, JonFull Circle
170Fedchock, JohnNo Nonsense
171Malinverni, PeteAutumn in New York
172Smulyan, GaryThe Real Deal
173Harris, BarryLive in New York
174Brignola, NickThings Ain't What They Used to Be
177Malinverni, PeteThe Tempest


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