Renato Pozzetto

Renato Pozzetto (born 14 July 1940) is an Italian actor, director, stand-up comedian, and singer.[1]

Renato Pozzetto
Renato Pozzetto (1988)
Born (1940-07-14) 14 July 1940
OccupationDirector, comedian, singer
Years active1964-present


Pozzetto was born into a working-class family from Milan and grew up in the town of Gemonio (in the Province of Varese).[2] After graduation, he made his debut as a comedian at the Derby Club in Milan.[3]In 1964, he and his childhood friend Cochi Ponzoni formed the duo Cochi & Renato.[4] They recorded several successful songs, often written in collaboration with Enzo Jannacci.[5] These songs often had a satirical and/or nonsense take. Their most popular hits include "La canzone intelligente" ("The intelligent song", a satire about songwriting) and "E la vita, la vita". From the mid 1970s through the first half of the 1990s, Pozzetto enjoyed a prolific career in film, where he became famous for his trademark pronounced Milanese accent and for his shy and stuttering way of speaking. In the mid 2000s, following almost two decades of separation, he reunited with Ponzoni.[6]

Pozzetto has also lent his voice to Rocks, the dog protagonist of the movie Look Who's Talking Now, for the Italian dubbing.




  • Io tigro, tu tigri, egli tigra (1978)
  • Saxofone (1978)
  • Il volatore di aquiloni (1987)
  • Papà dice messa (1996)
  • Un amore su misura (2007)


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