The Rembarrnga, otherwise known as the Rembarunga, are an indigenous Australian people of the Northern Territory.


Rembarunga is a non-Pama-Nyungan language belonging to the Gunwinyguan language family.[1]


Rembarrnga country covered some 5,000 square miles (13,000 km2), extending from the headwaters of the Mann, Cadell, Wilton, and Blyth rivers, to the arid plateau to the south.[2]

Alternative names

  • Rembarrnga, Rembaranga, Rembarnga, Rembranga.
  • Ranjbarngo, Rainbarngo, Reinbaranga.
  • Rembarrna.
  • Maiadi.
  • Maieli, Majali, Maiali, Maielli.[2]



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