Reisebriefe von Hermann Raster

"Reisebriefe von Hermann Raster: mit einer Biographie und einem Bildniss des Verfassers" is a biography and collection of travel essays of the German American editor and politician, Hermann Raster published posthumously in 1891.[1] The novel was accredited to its subject and the author of the essays, Hermann Raster, though the introduction and biographer remain unknown. The essays chronicle the life travels and experiences of Raster, who was a Forty-Eighter best known for being Editor-in-Chief of the Illinois Staats-Zeitung and Collector of Internal Revenue for the First Illinois District. He was a correspondent for several German newspapers in America and an ardent abolitionist before and during the American Civil War.

Reisebriefe von Hermann Raster
First edition of Reisebriefe von Hermann Raster
AuthorHermann Raster
PublisherBuchdruckerei Gutenberg
Publication date
Media typePrint


  1. Raster, Hermann. Reisebriefe von Hermann Raster: mit einer Biographie und einem Bildniss des Verfassers. Berlin: Buchdr. Gutenberg (F. Zillessen), 1891. Print.
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