Reichstag is a German word generally meaning parliament, more directly translated as Diet of the Realm or National diet, or more loosely as Imperial Diet. It may refer to:

Buildings and places

Reichstagsgebäude is the specific German word for parliamentary buildings, often shortened to Reichstag, and may refer to:


Historic legislative bodies in German-speaking countries have been referred to as Reichstag, including:

Historic events

  • Synod of Worms (1076), Imperial Diet convened by Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV which sought to depose Pope Gregory VII
  • Diet of Worms (German: Reichstag zu Worms), Imperial Diet in 1521 at which Martin Luther was declared a heretic.
  • Diet of Augsburg (German: Reichstag zu Augsburg), noteworthy sessions of the Imperial Diet in 1530 and 1555.
  • Reichstag Peace Resolution (1917), an unsuccessful attempt by the Reichstag to end World War I
  • Reichstag fire (1933), an arson attack on the Reichstag building which provided a pretext for the Nazis to seize power
    • Reichstag Fire Decree (1933), order issued by German President Paul von Hindenburg in response to the fire
    • Reichstag Fire Trial, also called the Leipzig Trial (1933), a show trial of those accused of starting the fire
  • Raising the flag over the Reichstag (May 2, 1945), the soviets raise the flag of the soviet union over the Reichstag after capturing the building after the battle of Berlin

See also

  • Bundestag and Bundesrat of Germany, the two legislative bodies in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Reichsrat (disambiguation), roughly "Imperial Council", a smaller more powerful legislative body in several German-speaking countries, similar to the Upper House of a Parliament
  • Riksdag, the parliaments of Sweden and Finland, the latter called eduskunta in the Finnish language.
  • Rigsdagen, the parliament of Denmark from 1849 to 1953
  • Riksråd, generic name in Scandinavian countries for various Councils of the Realm
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